Sunday, March 13, 2011

Countdown to Adult Braces: 4 Days

I saw this awesome idea on, a site for adults with braces.  They have a kit that you can purchase that has everything you would need for having braces on the go.  It runs around $30 and includes things like a travel toothbrush and collapsible cup, floss, dental picks, a mirror, and lots of other great things.  I thought I would save myself the money, since I already had most of the things I'd need and just make myself a kit.  I already had all of these things at my house, so the cost to me was $0. 

The case is a makeup bag I already had from the brand Caboodles.  I like that it's clear so I can find things easily.

- DenTek floss picks
- Sensodyne Sensitive Teeth Travel Toothpaste
- A full size toothbrush in a travel case
- a small mirror with magnifiying side ($1 at or Dollar General Stores)

I am thinking I would like to pick up a few things to add.  The toothbrush I have is HUGE and I think I'd like a travel size one and maybe a collapsable cup too.  I'll probably also need to get one of those spiral braces interproximal toothbrushes too.  I'll wait and see what I can find on my next trip to the grocery store.

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