Friday, March 4, 2011

Countdown to Adult Braces: 13 Days

Only 13 days left until I get my braces put on!  I made the mistake last night of google searching "ceramic braces" just to see how noticeable they would be.  Turns out they seem rather unnoticable or at least they will be until those baby canines are pulled!  I'm pretty sure you'll notice two giant gaping holes in my mouth!  Anyway, I stumbled across an ortho's website, The Ortho Bee.  It was rather informative and they had links to two YouTube videos on how to care for your braces.  I thought that seemed innocent enough and wouldn't scare me too much.  HAHAHAHA!!  They also show what happens if you don't take care of your teeth with braces.  SCARY!!!  I will definitely be brushing, flossing, and cleansing as directed!!  Here is a link to the video on How to Brush with Braces and the one on How To Floss with Braces, in case you're interested.

Meanwhile, I've been dreaming of a straight, perfect smile.  I know perfection is not the goal of orthodontisry but I feel like compared to what I have now, anything will look better.  Here are some more photoshopped pictures, done by me using Microsoft Paint.

Unretouched photo

Photoshopped version

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