Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here It Is

Well, here it is.  The moment I was anxiously awaiting.  Turns out it wasn't that big of a deal.  Except I haven't seen anyone yet besides the people at the orthodontist's office.

Here are my thoughts on my past 24 hours.

6:30 PM: Realize tonight will be the last time I floss my teeth without braces for a LONG time.
9:30 PM - 11:20 PM: Toss and turn, trying to sleep.  Can't sleep with my anxiety so I take some NyQuil.  Sleep at last.

5:15AM: Wake up for work, still exhausted.  Still anxious too.
7:15AM: Get to work.  Have a meeting.  Trying to distract myself.
10:15AM: Leave work to go home and eat my last solid lunch for a while.  Brush my teeth for the last time without braces then head to the ortho!!
11:30 Pay a whopping ortho fee then head back to get started.  They don't do any molds of my teeth or impressions, but they do take some photos.  Have to wait for another assisstant to finish using some equipment before they can start on me.  Boo!   Read World Without End to stay occupied.

Next they put some nasty stuff on my teeth and let it cure.  Not sure what it is.  Maybe an etching agent?
Then put more stuff on my teeth and let it cure.  The ortho comes in and gets started placing on the brackets.  I swear I can feel that weird blue light cooking my teeth!!  The brackets have trouble sticking to my teeth (apparently I have very narrow, petite teeth) so some of them have to be reapplied 4 or 5 times.  I start to get slightly worried.  I almost drown in my own spit at one point, as they forgot to suction me!  lol

Finally all the brackets are placed and the archwire is attached.  I am done!  They hurry me off, without even looking in the mirror, as it was lunchtime by then, but I have serious questions!!  Will I need expanders, elastics, spider, etc???  The short answer is they think not, but probably won't know for sure until teeth start moving.  I WILL have to get metal brackets on the bottom, after all.  :(  But that should be the only real metal in my mouth.

At first, my teeth don't hurt.  They just feel like a lot of pressure, as if they are all being squashed together in the front, although I'm sure that's not the case.

3:30 PM: My teeth are starting to hurt, especially the bicuspids on either side of the primary teeth.  I also have a headache but am not sure it is from my teeth.  Also, the hooks on 3 of my brackets are starting to snag on my inner mouth and irritate the skin.  Ouch.  I can't eat solid food for dinner because my teeth are too sensitive.  I eat some Cream of Wheats and ice cream but am still hungry.  After brushing, I realize I'm missing a ligature on my central incisor!  Already??  I'll have to call the ortho tomorrow.  I work on cleaning my house after dinner to distract me from my aching teeth.

6:00 PM: My teeth hurt even worse and so does my headache.  Take some advil but it doesn't help the teeth.  Try to eat some French fries, to no avail; my teeth are still hurting and the French fries get caught in my braces, as I try to use my central incisors to chew.  I feel so very much like my geeky high school self that I find myself smiling a bit.  I had forgotten about that part of me that was so much my personality years ago.  I post to Facebook that I feel like singing some Britney Spears into my hairbrush.  Memories.  It makes me kind of fond of myself, like an old friend.

8:00 PM: I am exhausted and struggling to stay awake and finish cleaning, as my mother is coming to visit me tomorrow.  Anyway, I have to go try and finish cleaning.  Can't wait to go to bed!  Hopefully my mouth won't keep me awake again!

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