Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Styling and Grooming my Brows

Check out my video on how I style my eyebrows!

These are some of the tools I use to style and groom my eyebrows.

1: e.l.f. brow comb and brush - I use this for two purposes.  The first is to brush brows up before trimming them.  The second is to brush color into my brows to blend out.
2: Trim eyebrow shaper - I use this to shave the fine, thin hairs in between my eyebrows.
3: e.l.f. wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara - I use this to hold my brows in place where I want them.
4: ULTA eyeliner pencil in deep brown (or any coordinating pencil to your brow shade) - I use this to fill in sparse areas of my brows.
5: small pair of tweezers - I use these to pluck any stray hairs under or between brows.

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