Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Makeup/Hair Storage

This is my latest makeup storage container.  It is a large, 10 drawer piece that I purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  It was on sale after Christmas for 50% off.  The drawers are large but shallow, which I like.  I'd rather have more drawers because for me, deep drawers always seem to make me bury stuff underneath each other and then I forget about products that aren't highly visible.  I purchased several smaller baskets to help keep things organized inside the drawer also.  The baskets came from Dollar General.  Also, you can see that the top is made of metal and very sturdy.  It can hold several rather large makeup containers.  I am loving this storage piece!

Close up of a drawer organized with inexpensive baskets.

The top holds 3 makeup containers.


  1. Where did you get this storage container from? i have been looking everywhere for something like this, but cant seem to find anything.

  2. I got it at Jo Ann Fabrics but other craft stores also carry similar ones. :)