Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yay for Palettes!!

I am so excited to share these palettes with you!  One of my best friends bought me the Coastal Scents 78 Palette for my birthday.  It has 60 eyeshadows, 12 highlighting and liner shades (really just more eyeshadows!), and 6 blushes.  As you can probably tell, I had an unfortunate accident immediately after opening this where I dropped it on the floor.  One blush broke and fell out but that was all the damage!  I think that's pretty good for a fall from the counter to the floor!  Just goes to show you should not let your makeup excitement get the best of you.

Next is the e.l.f. 32 Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette.  I actually found this on an endcap at my local target.  It had been put out as a holiday promotion, along with many other e.l.f. products.  My target doesn't usually sell e.l.f., so I was pretty excited.  I've been wanting to try this and my Target actually had it on sale for only $5, instead of the $10 the palette started out as.  I believe when I looked last, it was also half price on the website, but this is limited edition, so don't count on it lasting long.

I haven't had a chance to really use either of these yet, so let me know if you would like reviews or tutorials.  Also, remember that these palettes make great gifts for makeup lovers or beginners!  The holiday season will be here before you know it so think about taking a look at or  They have an excellent variety of palettes and brush sets at both sites.

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