Saturday, October 2, 2010

Surprisingly Useful Item

     These handy items are called dual tip cosmetic applicators.  Basically,  they are a cotton swab (Q-tip) with one end that is pointed and one end that is flat and wide.  I think I picked up a pack of 100 for around $1 at Dollar General.
     For what I paid for these, they have become a beauty staple for me for many reasons.
     Here are some of the uses I have found for them:
Pointed End:
* fixing eyeliner mistakes
* smudging out eyeliner
* removing makeup from corner of eyes
* fixing lip liner mistakes
* getting hairs out of hard to reach places in eyes
* removing mascara flakes

Flat, Wide End:
* applying eyeshadow
* applying clear gloss over colored lips without staining the applicator wand
* blending shadow
* touching up any shadow creasing without ruining shadow look

Those are 10 good reasons why I can't be without these cheap makeup helpers!

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