Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick Wavy Hair Tutorial

 Check out my YouTube video on how to do this!!

Today I decided I wanted a change from my usual straight, flat hair.  I decided to put some body into my hair by quickly putting in some waves.  I love this look because it’s easy and quick.  It only took me about 10 minutes to style.

You Will Need:
* A thin flat iron (mine is 1”)
* Flexible hold hair spray or other style holding product (Redken Hot Sets #22 works wonderfully to curl hair!)
* Heat protectant

1. Spray the heat protectant all over hair to keep the flat iron from damaging your hair.  Let the protectant dry before styling.  If using Hot Sets, also spray this in and let dry.
2. Separate your hair into sections.  My hair is not that thick, so I just separated it into 2 sections, top and bottom.  Secure top out of way.
3. Wave bottom section.  I do this by inserting the flat iron to a 2” section of hair.  Holding the flat iron vertically, wrap hair around iron, turn iron 180°, then pull through hair.  This should leave you with a ribbon curl, which looks like a soft wave.  Alternate the direction you wave (towards or away from your face) for a more natural effect.  The bottom doesn’t have to be perfect, because it won’t be seen that well.  (Note: For straight out curls in your hair, you would hold the flat iron horizontally.)
4. Spray section with flexible hold hairspray for a touchable look.
5. For the top section of your hair, use the same method, but curl only 1” sections at a time.  You want the top to be wavier because that is the part people see.  Also, for the top, always curl away from your face to get the sexy, windblown look.  Curling towards your face never looks as good to me.
6. Spray section with flexible hold hairspray.

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