Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Little Bag of Tricks

In my purse, I keep another small bag that I like to call my little bag of tricks.  This comes in handy for quick touch ups, especially if my husband and I are going somewhere right after work and he's driving.  On the way, I can do a few quick things and still look my best by the time we get there!  This "bag" is actually just a clear front, zippered pencil pouch from the dollar store.  I like the clear front because I can see what I'm looking for.

These are the contents of my bag:
- Hand sanitizer (so I have germ free hands when touching my face)
- Hair spray
- Palladio concealer (for undereye or blemish touch ups)
- N.Y.C. creme to powder foundation (for foundation or blemish touch ups)
- e.l.f. total face brush (for applying powder)
- Sally Beauty Supply bob pins
- three row comb: (good for teasing touch ups or gently brushing hair)
- Face Secrets oil blotting tissues (to remove oil/shine from face before adding more powder)
- Hello Kitty finger nail trimmer
- eyelash curler
- Band Aid Friction Block Stick (apply to areas where shoes are rubbing to prevent blisters)
- safety pins
- compact with magnifying and regular mirrors
- N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder in Translucent (eliminate shine/touch up)
- rattail comb (comb, part, or tease hair)

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