Monday, October 11, 2010

French Manicure

This weekend, I decided to give myself a French Manicure.  As I have no patience or money for salons, and no nail painting abilities, I decided to go with some at-home glue-on nails.  I thought I would just write about what I used and give some tips for application and removal.

The nails I used are Kiss Everlasting French in the Real Short length.  They are one week nails.  I love these nails because I feel like they are easy to apply, look real, are good quality, and are a good length.  I have tried these same nails several times and don't use anything else because I am so pleased with this product.  To the right is a picture of what the packaging looks like, so you know what to look for at the store.  These nails can be purchased at my local WalMart, KMart, Target, Walgreens, or CVS for around $6.  They also have a matching toenail kit that I haven't tried.

I think they are easy to apply for two reasons.  First, they have these great tabs at the end that give you an easy place to grip while applying them.  Also, on that tab is a size number.  Once you have sized your nails, you can write down and save the sizes and next time you apply them, you won't have to size again.  Also, my nails on both hands match, so I only had to size one hand.

In the kit, you receive 28 nails in 14 sizes, a small tube of Pink Gel Glue, a mini nail file, and a manicure stick.  For $6, I think that's pretty good.  So do my friends, because I always have enough nails left over for someone else to do their nails.  You could even split the cost of the kit and get an even cheaper manicure and quality time with a friend.  I usually just give my leftovers away so they don't go to waste.

Application Tips:
1. Be sure to have the best possible fit for your nail.  The better the nail fits, the more likely it will stay on.  If no nail matches perfectly, file down the sides of a nail that is too big until it does fit.
2. I always put glue only on my nail.  The packaging suggests applying glue to your nail and the artificial nail.  However, I put LOTS of glue on my nail.  This way, there will be no bubbles and I will ensure that the nail will stay on my nail.  Don't be stingy with the glue!
3. Use the manicure stick to push your cuticles back before placing nails on.  This way, they will take longer to grow out and look good for longer.
4. Start by placing artificial nail at your cuticle, then press forward toward end of finger.  This way, the glue will spread evenly.  Wipe off any excess glue with a dual tipped cosmetic applicator.  I find they work better than Q-tips because Q-tips tend to shed more on your nail and the fiber gets stuck in the glue.
5. Hold for 5 seconds, then snap off tab.  When finished, wipe nails clean with rubbing alcohol.

Removal Tips:
1. Never leave nails on for longer than recommended.  They can get infected.
2. Remove by soaking nails in pure acetone polish remover.  This should help "melt" the nail until it is off.  Kiss Brand has their own remover for artificial nails.  I bought a generic brand at WalMart for around $3.
3. Never ever pull nails off forcefully.  This can ruin your nails permanently.  If you have strong nails, like I do, it may not ruin them permanently but it sure ruined mine for several months.  The nails come off, leaving your real nail flaking, chipped off, and sometimes sensitive and painful.

Good luck!  I hope you also leave people wondering where you get your nails done!  :)

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