Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jewelry Storage Idea

I wanted to share the brilliant idea my husband came up with for storing my jewelry.  We were at Hobby Lobby one day, looking for a traditional earring stand and my husband thought this decorative iron piece would store more than the 5 or 6 pairs most earring stands hold.  He’s so smart!  Then I bought a $5 wooden lazy susan from the kitchen department at Target so I could easily access all the earrings.  The lazy susan seemed a little big, but it ended up having a great use!  In the mornings, I put all of the makeup I will be applying on the outside edge of it before I start so I can just turn and apply!

Next, I needed a place to store my necklaces so hubby picked out this cute iron lizard (also from Hobby Lobby).  I can hang necklaces from his tail, feet, and head.  The lizard is kind of tucked back into a corner of our room, so it’s not super noticeable until you’re standing at my makeup area.  I think he’s charming and convenient and it’s actually pretty easy to get all of the necklaces off.

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