Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eyelash Curler Pick

I have been on the lookout for a good eyelash curler lately, as the only one I had did an amazing job of ripping my eyelashes out.  As that is not the best quality to have in a lash curler, I went on a hunt for a new one, perhaps without outside edges to rip out my lashes.  I found one from Sally Beauty Supply that had no outer edge.  It worked great, but for about $8, I wasn’t going to buy a second one for my purse.  So the hunt began for an inexpensive, but decent eyelash curler to put in my touchup bag.  After wasting a bit of money, here are my eyelash curler thoughts.

1: e.l.f. Essential Mechanical Eyelash Tool (I purchased for $1 at Dollar General.  It is also available at eyeslipsface.com and some Target and Kmart stores.)
·         Pros: 1. super wide base fits even large eyes
2. Doesn’t catch lashes
3. Gives a great curl
4. GREAT price!
5. Really easy to grip
·         Cons: 1. The motion isn’t super fluid.  Seems like it needs to be oiled or something.

2: wet n wild eyelash curler (I paid $1.57 at Publix but can also be found at Walgreens and some Walmart Stores.)
·         Pros: 1. Small, perfect for travel size
·         Cons: 1. Doesn’t curl at all!!
2. Awkward to use because of the weird shape and set up
3. lashes still get caught in mechanisms

3. Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler (I paid $7.99 at Sally Beauty Supply.  I have also seen it at some Walgreens and CVS stores for around $9.)
·         Pros: 1. Gives a good curl
2. Free floating mechanisms don’t catch lashes
3. Fluid movement
·         Cons: 1. Eight bucks just seems like a lot for an eyelash curler to me!

4. Trim Eyelash Curler (This was the cheapest generic eyelash curler at Walmart.  I think it was around $2.)
·         Pros: 1. Gives a good curl
·         Cons: 1. My eyelashes get caught in the outer edges and get ripped out!
2. Finger holes are rather small

In conclusion, if I were going to start from scratch, I would buy the e.l.f. eyelash curler again.  Great quality and a super low price.  The only other one even worth thinking about is the Tweezerman, if you are willing to shell out a little more.  Don’t even waste your time and money with the wet n wild or the Trim!

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