Friday, September 24, 2010

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Someone had asked me today about cleaning makeup brushes so I thought I would do a post about it! 

Here’s what I’ve heard about cleaning makeup brushes.
* You are supposed to deep clean them once a week.  (I do every one or two weeks… depending on how busy I am.)
* You are supposed to quick clean them every day or other day.  (I quick clean every day.  I like to take off the colors I used that day and also want to disinfect and remove any bacteria or oils that might have gotten on the brushes from my hands or face.  Clean brushes help keep a clean, blemish-free face.)

To deep clean, I just use a tiny plastic cup and baby shampoo, which is super cheap.  You could also use a Dixie cup or a small Tupperware container.  I put a ratio of 2 parts tap water to 1 part shampoo in the cup and lather the brushes up, then rinse them well with warm water.  Be sure to get out all of the soap.  Try not to get any water in the ferrule, or metal part of the handle, of the brush or it will eventually ruin your brush.  Reshape the brush and dry on a folded towel, with the bristles pointed at a downward angle, so all moisture strays away from the handle.

To quick clean daily, I use a homemade cleaner.  I got the recipe from EnKoreMakeup’s video (he is a professional makeup artist), found here.  I mix the ingredients and store them in a quart sized container.  I usually make a double batch.  You’d be surprised how fast you will use the cleaner.  Then I pour a small amount into a travel size spray bottle.  I spray some on a tissue and gently wipe the brushes on the tissue.  Most of the color comes off and the brushes stay disinfected.

Here is EnKore’s recipe:
These are all solid cups, NOT liquid cups!!

1 cup of distilled or bottled water
¼ cup of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol)
½ tbsp. dish soap
½ tbsp. baby or gentle shampoo
1 tbsp. spray-on leave-in conditioner

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  1. Loved this at the make-up party Saturday. Thanks for sharing.