Saturday, September 11, 2010

Best Lotion Pick

(Left to Right)
  • Bodycology Coconut Lime Body Cream (available at Walmart)
  • Delights by Paris Presents Crystal Waters Body Lotion (available at Target)
  • Bodycology Cucumber Melon Body Cream (available at Walmart)
The Bodycology brands both have a great creamy texture that is not too greasy. I love the smell of the coconut lime. It is clean and refreshing. However, the cucumber melon smells just awful to me. I probably will end up giving it away because I can’t stand the smell of it. Seriously fails to smell like cucumber or melon.

The Delights brand smells fabulous. It imitates the smell of Cool Water perfume. However, the consistency is very runny and oozy. The texture is greasy and slimy.

Of the three, the Bodycology Coconut Lime is my favorite for the great texture and smell. But honestly, after trying all three, the next time I go to buy lotion, I’ll just stick to my old reliable: Johnson’s baby lotion. It might not smell wonderful, but it hydrates like no other and is never greasy, runny, or stinky!

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