Thursday, September 16, 2010

Awesome Bobby Pins

For years, I thought that bobby pins must be the magical tool of professional hair stylists only, because every time I used them, they fell right out.  I later figured out that the problem was not me, but the cheapo bobby pins I was using.  Then I learned about MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins.

These bobby pins hold well and don’t get stretched out and ruined after a few uses.  If you’re in the market for bobby pins, I would definitely pick these up!  Both are available from Sally Beauty Supply and are rather inexpensive.  The larger tub runs around $6 and I have them in the bronze shade.  You get 300 pins for that price!  The smaller tin (actually slides open like a mint tin!) I have in mini black pins and runs about $2.50 for the tin and 36 pins.  I keep the convenient and tiny tin in my purse for bad hair days.  Both are available at Sally Beauty Supply Stores or

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